Words by Enrique Maseda
Music by Frank Gallo
Arrangement by Frank Gallo

Chances like this are so few, and I know just what the fuck I’m gonna do.
Feel the force of disgust, it’s driving me.
Choking as I fuck the world, because I won’t let it smother me.

Set the world on fire, let it feel my pain!
Digging my nails right into it’s face, it’ll never look the same.
Kill them,
Kill ‘em,
Kill ‘em,
watch it all go boom!

Do away with all of the lies and this is how it begins.
I kill the rest with their own technology, lay their ashes to the wind.
I keep you all in terror because I’m just a sign.
What I can do to your bodies, is what you’ve done to your minds!

No, you can’t escape me,
society tried to rape me
but I broke myself free,
now you have no choice but to hear me.

You’ve done this to yourself, though you refuse to admit.
I’ll show you what’s next to come when you don’t clean up the shit!

(Big Glass Dick)

Load up the jimmy with about 3 rocks.
Pass off the lighter he’s about to catch a shock.
Take a deep pull, now you’re a cocksucker with a big GLASS dick in your mouth motherfucker!
Step aside for a sec, and watch my man get busy.
One to the brain and now he’s feeling kind of dizzy.

He’s all skin and bones.
Looking just like a stick,
getting fucked in the ass
with a big GLASS dick!

Now the bitch smokes crack, so she’s a piece of shit.
She used to look fine, now she looks hit.
She’ll do just about anything for some of that rock.
So do your ass a favor and don’t touch her with your cock.

Junk gets expensive,
so she gets on her knees.
And now you are shooting the curl with every known disease.

Got to go uptown,
need that fix,
worthless and wasted,
slave to the GLASS dick!