Words by Enrique Maseda
Music by Frank Gallo
Arrangement by Frank Gallo, Ian Cosgrove

Get outta my way,
I’m knocking everything down.
They know not what hits them
as they fall to the ground.

And now the chill will grab you by the throat,
and you feel it in your knees,
filling your body with aches and pains,
it makes your muscles freeze.

Coming from the north,
naming itself havoc,
feeding off of your pain,
and feeding off your panic.

It’ll run right through you,
and it’ll take your heart.
Pray to the four winds
or get torn apart, get torn apart.

Don’t make a move,
because you’re getting run over.
They know not what makes them afraid,
as I draw closer.
And now you feel my weight come down on you
and the force knocks you away,
killing your soul with torment and fear,
chaos is my name!

I’m your worst nightmare,
blowing from the east,
feeding off of your fear,
belching your defeat.
I’ll walk all over you,
and then you’ll remember.
Pray to the four winds
or be dismembered!