Words by Enrique Maseda
Music by Jim M., Mario Simoes
Arrangement by NJBLOODLINE

Alone in the world.
My only friends are my two fists.
My greatest strength is anger,
and hatred my most useful tool.

It’s taken some time.
But I’ve learned how to survive.
I learned how to stay in one piece,
most of all how to stay alive.

Word to the new jack,
there’s always something missing.
You always have something new to learn.
There’s always some type of lesson.

But what is the point?
What’s it all about?
Just always be yourself
or you’ll be on your way out.

Trouble bothers me up around every bend
and I know I’ll never meet my end.
But if I do it’s because I went down for mine
until then I’ll overpwer and survive.

Lead with your mind
but follow up with your fist.
Don’t let them get ahead of you,
take the first step.
Always be aggressive,
but keep yourself reserved.
These are the laws of survival
don’t get yourself burned!