Words by Enrique Maseda
Music by Frank Gallo
Arrangement by Frank Gallo

I never took time to look into the past,
but it’s all you can do when it happens so fast.
He was there in the beginning,
and that was my ace.
Now I can only pray that he’s in a better place.

And I don’t quit.
Just hand me the mic,
and I proceed to talk shit.
When it was said and done,
you know all was forgiven.
Now you lend me your voice
because I’ve got to keep living.

And we march on
as I hold onto my thirst.
Still going strong,
you’d have to kill me first!

I’ve got a reason for what we do.
Some didn’t make it,
I guess some just want to.
But the more we’ve aged,
the more things have changed.
I’ve grown up too,
no need to explain.

But I won’t quit.
Even though we’ve no home,
you see I still give a shit.
And maybe you won’t heed or even get what I’m saying,
so just wish me luck
because we’ve got to keep playing.

And we march on
as I hold onto my thirst.
It’s what keeps me going.
You’d have to kill me first!

But I hope you’re listening!

It’s always changing,
there’s no time to cry.
Because I’ll be running my fucking mouth
until the day

To live
for the moment
we shallow
the pain!

Now seven years in the past,
it was a different state of mind and something we set out to do.
I was the youngest then,
I’ll be the oldest now.
Some didn’t make it,
guess some just didn’t want to
be the only one left out of five who started out.
Now by choice, because you see that’s what I’m all about.
So get on with life to find there’s always something.
Well this blood’s for you man,

I Hope you’re listening!